Model: Beam NVL - B230 7R
Beam NVL - B230 7R
8.000.000 đ

Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
channel mode: 16 channel modes.
Bulb: OSRAM 7R bulb
Display and time: beautiful red dot matrix display, four touch switches, 180 display can be reversed. It can record the lamp usage time and lamp usage time.
Color wheel: a color wheel, composed of 14 color chips, with two-way rotation, full-color, half-color and rainbow effects (switching between full-color and half-color)
Gobo wheel: 17 gobos, with two-way rotation Rainbow effect and pattern jitter effect.
Prism: 16 prism plus rotating prism effect. Full touch screen. Electronic correction
Power: 200W
IP protection level: IP20
Size: 43*48*58CM
Net weight: 17.5KG

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